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We help facility owners and managers reduce costs through savings in energy, labour and materials.  Through the implementation of intelligent lighting applications we can enhance the performance of your properties and the productivity of your people.  We see the 3E’s: energy, environment and experience; we consider all stakeholders affected by the investment in illumination. We offer a full range of lighting technologies and electrical components, from LEDs and HID’s to wiring and controls; we actively search for innovations in the industry that offer better performance.  We are committed provide quality supplies at wholesale prices and to utilize these technologies responsibly.  We are committed to maximize your savings and benefits. We work with top lighting designers to create artistic illumination that will enhance the architecture of your space and improve the experience of those who reside within it. Whether designing new spaces, rebranding or renovating facilities, we can take an extra step to further improve your sensory environment.  This can be done through a variety of fixtures and techniques. Our team of certified master electricians provide full range of services, from routine maintenance to intelligent controls in lighting designs.  We can work with you during a retrofit, upgrade or renovation to ensure your operations are not interrupted.  We install the best possible components for the intended application as safely and as quickly as possible.  Client satisfaction is a must. 

Lighting has the profound effect of creating interaction between people and space.  However, the quality and impact of lighting can often go unnoticed by those who are most greatly affected by it.  We want to change that!  It is time to upgrade lighting so that it’s conducive to the health of employees and customers alike.  It is time to stop wasting energy and creating expensive material waste that is harming the environment.  It is time to stop losing money.  It is time to make an easy, smart investment in a lighting upgrade.

We strive to save you time, effort and money.
We strive to save the world energy and natural resources.

Summary of Services:

Supply Electrical, lighting, associated equipment & special requests
Evaluate & Audit Energy consumption to control and reduce usage>
Gather Sata Through comprehensive lighting surveys to optimize productivity & health
Design & Manage The project layout and all parameters for seamless execution
Install & Maintain Electrical and lighting systems
Provide Savings analysis, utility rebate processing and insight for efficient changes
Illuminate Your spaces to maximize the benefits of lighting<

Light gives us the ability to perceive; CTi will give you a bright new way to visualize your workspace.